Services Offered  

Laser alignment of coupled machineries
Shop Balancing of Low Speed & High Speed Rotors
On site dynamic balancing, Vibration analysis and bearing condition monitoring
Shaft vibrations in sleeve bearings machines using proximity sensors
Shaft orbit analysis of sleeve bearing rotors like turbines, generators, HT motors and high speed compressors.
Repairing and dynamic balancing of turbochargers
Measurement of Industrial noise 
Training of man power in vibration analysis, balancing and machinery alignment
Manufacture of Custom built Blower & fan with performance curves (Pressure Vs Flow)
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DYNA MECH is a one of the leading names in Balancing & vibration analysis of rotating machinery. We are proficient in machinery alignment using laser technology, on site (in-situ) vibration analysis & bearing analysis, balancing of low speed (rigid rotors) & high speed rotors (flexible rotors).
Our qualified and experienced engineers use the latest equipments and provide prompt solutions to reduce vibrations...
Condition monitoring is an extremely valuable method for predictive breakdown maintenance of rotating machinery. Measurements of sound & vibrations are of paramount factor in monitoring the health of your machinery. Problem of noise and vibration control, also, have been brought to the forefront of electro-mechanical engineering field with continually increasing speed and power of present day machinery. As a consequence, more stringent demands have been placed on operative quality of rotating machines.
Normal Timings : 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

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